Our factory ,which has been equipped with the latest system machines and has a labaratory,makes its productions in a hygnenic area…

Quality Control:

  • The quality control of the entrance of the raw materials.
  • The pouring of the boiled and pounded wheat with the approval of quality into silos.
  • The operation of sifting and washing.
  • The analysis of the microbiological approprateness .
  • The operation of boiling.
  • The drying of the product in the tower system.


  • The repetition of the sifting and washing operations.
  • Detaching of the brans of the pruduct in the peeling machine.
  • The final contols of the pruduct.
  • Packcaging
  • The control of the drilling of the packaged pruduct.

With the purpose of offering healthy and delicious and also nutritious pruducts,our factory attaches much importance on the educaiton and inspeciton of our employees.